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Executive Council Approves Study of Private Prison Proposals

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Flikr Creative Commons / Lorenzo Blangiardi

New Hampshire's Executive Council has approved hiring a consultant to assist the state in reviewing proposals from several companies to run its prisons. The council approved a contract Wednesday of $171,347 to hire consultant MGT of America of Tallahassee, Florida

Governor John Lynch says it’s a lot of money, but necessary to figure out which proposal is really the best deal.

Lynch: we're trying to get this all done by the beginning of October, and the state just does not have the financial capacity to analyze and evaluate as comprehensively as they need to the bids that have been submitted.

The state issued three requests for proposals from private businesses: one to build and operate a prison for male inmates, one for a female prison, and one for a facility that would house both male and female inmates.

It received four responses on the men's prison and four on the one that would house men and women.