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House Panel Backs Casinos

Proposal to allow two NH casinos clears ways and means committee by 14-7 margin. NHPR's Josh Rogers reports.

The 14-7 vote by the house ways and means committee runs counter to years of anti-gambling votes in the house. And it comes in the wake Massachusetts' passing bills that call for three resort casinos and one slot machine parlor. House Majority leader DJ Bettencourt of Salem hopes votes on Beacon Hill have changed the changes the equation on gambling for many house members.

“NH needs to act in light of what Massachusetts has decided to do, and I think that this is a bill that is in keeping with the republican party platform and it should give those who have traditionally opposed in the past something to think about this time around.”

The plan adopted by house ways and means calls for the Lottery Commission to grant two $50 million licenses for casinos that would offer slot machines and table games. Some of the profits would be used to lower business taxes.