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Vermont Yankee Announces 48 N.H. Layoffs Ahead Of Plant Closure


Vermont Yankee has announced its official layoff numbers ahead of the nuclear power plant’s closing at the end of the year: 165 people will lose their jobs in January, and 48 of them live in New Hampshire.

Vermont Yankee has been winding down its staff for the past year. Some workers have retired, while 79 have taken jobs with other power plants owned by parent company Entergy.

Marty Cohn, Vermont Yankee’s spokesman, says these workers are well-equipped to enter the job market.

"An employee from Vermont Yankee would be well suited for a precision manufacturing company, a utility – any company that requires a high degree of skill in operating a facility," says Cohn.

Cohn says a staff of over 300 will slowly shut the plant down into 2015.

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