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NHPR Presents: Long Story Short / Truth or Consequences

Michael Cinquino kicked off the June 6th event themed around Truth or Consequences
Long Tory Short
Michael Cinquino kicked off the June 6 event, centered around the theme of "Truth or Consequences."

NHPR is excited to present Long Story Short, in collaboration with 3S Artspace.

This quarterly storytelling series features local performers from across the region. Segments are based on themes that allow each participant to bring their own unique experiences to life.

Long Story Short: Truth or Consequences was recorded before a live audience on June 6, 2022

Sometimes honesty is the best policy, and other times, it's a total disaster. This show features stories about subjective truths, things we wish we didn't know and times a lie causes more trouble than it's worth. Whether we're being honest with others or ourselves, telling the truth is not always easy.

Featured storytellers include:

  • Michael Cinquino (photographer, filmmaker)
  • Daniel Thomas Moran (poet, essayist, dentist)
  • Rebecca Gomez (professional in philanthropy and early childhood education policy)
  • Samantha Bradbury Koster (UNH Creative Writing MFA Candidate)

The next live event at 3S Artspace is on Septemeber 15, 2022, with the theme "NSFW." This show is an opportunity to hear and share stories about nightmare customers, toxic bosses and jobs we should have given up on long ago. It's also a place to hear about meaningful work, the jobs that transformed our lives and the coworkers we've met along the way.

NHPR will broadcast Long Story Short: NSFW later in the month of September.

Follow Long Story Short on Facebook.

Check out the Long Story Short podcast.

Get tickets for the next event, here!

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