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Manchester VA Must Pay $21 Million To Vet For Malpractice

Thomas Fearon

The Manchester VA Hospital must pay $21 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

According to the federal judge who heard the case, a 60-year-old veteran in Bennington suffered a horrific ordeal that left him trapped inside his own body – and the event was entirely preventable.

After Michael Farley suffered a stroke in 2010, VA doctors failed to give him the proper medications to prevent a second stroke.  Medical staff also poorly coordinated Farley's care.

Two months later, a second stroke left his body paralyzed - but his mind alert - as hospital staff stood over him discussing end-of-life care. His children believed their father was conscious, but hospital staff insisted he wasn’t.

The $21 million dollar verdict will help the family retrofit their home and provide future care for the now paralyzed vet.

Michael Farley Ruling, United States District Court, District of N.H.

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