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Giving Matters

Giving Matters: Supporting Students Working Toward a GED


Alexis Brophy is a college student, and already working in real estate. But she struggled to finish high school because of health issues, due to an auto-immune disease. Her disease “made it very hard to get through the traditional high school day. I have extreme fatigue, joint-swelling and pain. Everyday I wake up different.”

Brophy found herself in a vicious cycle. Her numerous doctors’s appointments resulted in excessive absences; missing school and falling behind in her work naturally increased her anxiety, and the resulting stress would heighten the effects of her disease.

At the suggestion of her guidance counselor, Brophy reached out to the Upper Room family resource center. “It’s very flexible, they’re very understanding when you have a certain issue that you’re dealing with. It makes you feel very independent.” The Upper Room’s HiSet Option Program supports students at risk of dropping out, tailoring the curricula accoring to the needs of each student. “I ended up moving there and getting my GED.”

Brophy is now taking classes at Southern New Hampshire University, studying business and with lofty goals, “I plan to either own my own company or have a high-management position.”

But Brophy credits the program for much of her success. “It’s important that the program exists, because not everyone can do the traditional high school schedule, and it gives you the alternative to get through life but still get your education.”

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