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Cross Roads House

Mohd Hafizuddin Husin via Flickr/Creative Commons

Joe and Carrie were out of work and had run out of money. They had been living in a motel room with their two young daughters. The Crossroads House homeless shelter has helped them get back on track.

JOE: I was teaching in Maine part-time and suddenly there was no more work. So I said to my wife “let’s see what New Hampshire has - substitute teaching and stuff like that." We lost our place where we were living and we were living in a motel.

The last motel we were in it was snowing and we didn’t have the money for that week. We got the knock on the door from the police and they said, "you have to go." We went to General Assistance and the women said, “I can pay for one more night, but you’re going to be going to the homeless shelter.” That’s how we were introduced to Cross Roads.

Here we are in this van, this taxi, the van door opens and one of the staff members looks in and he smiles and he says, “Welcome to Cross Roads House, its nice you're here”. Wow, this was okay --respectful.

Our goals are to get back into the working force, to get a place to live and get our lives back on track. My wife is back in school studying criminal justice, she just got her grades and they’re A’s. I am looking to go back to teaching;

Living at Cross Roads is a sense of community. We have a community of good people and families trying to get out of a situation. The basis of Cross Roads is hope and that’s what those families have is hope that things will get better and they are and they will.


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