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Honey Bee Day Celebrated on the Seacoast Saturday


A solar company, a honey maker and an environmental group will celebrate the honey bee Saturday in Rye.

ReVision Energy's director of market development, Dan Weeks, says honey bees are threatened by climate change, fossil fuel pollution and other environmental hazards.

Companies like his want to help fix those problems, Weeks says, "because we see fossil fuel dependence, rising temperatures, carbon pollution as a factor harming honey bees, as well as a lot of other species."

Solar farms can also be a haven for bee-friendly wildflowers and grazing animals that reduce the need for fuel-heavy landscaping.

ReVision is joining the free honey bee social Saturday, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Goss Farm in Rye, along with the League of Conservation Voters and Seacoast-based Sea Bee Honey.

New Hampshire’s honey bee mortality rate is dropping, but the state has still reportedly lost more than 50 percent of its honey bee hives during many recent winters.

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