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Nashua Expands Full-Day Kindergarten to All Elementary Schools

C. Hanchey via Flickr CC.

The city of Nashua will now offer full-day kindergarten at all of its elementary schools. That decision comes as lawmakers in Concord decide whether to support full-day kindergarten state-wide.

Nashua joins the roughly three quarters of school districts around the state that offer full-day kindergarten programs.

Districts who offer full-day programs, do so without support from the state.

But interim superintendent of Nashua Schools Connie Brown says with an overall decline in enrollment, they will be able to implement the program at no cost.

“We believed that all-day kindergarten was so important to the community, we needed to find a way to do it that wasn’t contingent upon external support, i.e. from the state.”

State lawmakers are currently weighing a proposal to give state support to districts like Nashua, who choose to offer full-day kindergarten.

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