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SAT Makes Debut as New Hampshire's Statewide 11th Grade Assessment


Tomorrow, eleventh graders in New Hampshire’s public schools will take the SAT as a statewide assessment for the first time.

Last year the Executive Council approved a request from the state Department of Education to use the SAT as the statewide assessment for eleventh graders. That means eleventh graders in public and charter schools will take the SAT during the school day, free of charge.

Previously, students who wanted to take the SAT did so outside of the normal school day and had to pay a fee of around $50 dollars.

Heather Gage is with the Department of Education.

“Having an in-school day that the state is paying for as part of their state accountability system, it puts the College Board SAT on a much more equitable access playing field.”

Many colleges and universities, including the University of New Hampshire, use SAT scores when determining admission and financial aid packages.

Students will be able to send their SAT scores to four colleges of their choice for free.

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