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School Choice Tax Credits: Scrap Or Expand?

Flikr Creative Commons / Kawwsu29

On January 1st businesses can start getting tax breaks for donating to organizations that give public school students money toward going to a private school. But before that law has even taken effect, there are proposals to change it.

The business tax credit scholarship law was never popular with Democrats, who called it a back-door school vouchers measure. Governor-elect Maggie Hassan has said that she would try to repeal it, and a Manchester Representative, Peter Sullivan, will file a bill that would do just that.

But at the same time former Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien has put in a bill that would expand the program.

O’Brien: When you hear about what’s going on in other states you can really understand that this is just a small step forward.

O’Brien says he would like to see the amount of tax credits available increased. He would also like to lift the income eligibility cap. That cap ensures that the scholarships go only to families that make around $70,000 or less.

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