War Monuments...What Will Iraq's Memorial Look Like?

Nov 8, 2012

Gold Star Wall at the World War 2 Memorial, Washington DC
Credit dbking via Flickr Creative Commons

A country divided by a grueling campaign season has an opportunity to unite this Veteran’s day.  Remembering America’s fallen turns our minds to the long view…and to historic sacrifices beyond the politics-of-the-moment.

How our nation memorializes those killed in conflict is the subject of Monument Wars, by University of Pittsburgh history professor Kirk SavageSavage observes that public memorials have evolved from glorious tributes to individual leaders, to those meant to console those who endured tragedy and loss. Today’s wars are less defined by nation states than global strategies that are ongoing and complex.  So, what will the Iraq war memorial look like? Professor Savage raised the question in an op-ed for the Washington post. So, we invited him to talk about it.