Steady Primary Turnout

Jan 10, 2012

Polling supervisors describe turnout as steady as the primary gets underway. 

The early birds were waiting outside the  Cawley Middle School when the polls opened at 6.   By 7:30, about 300 people had cast their ballots.

Hooksett resident Diana Brighton picked Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

“Well, I think he can beat Obama and I like his politics.”

Electability and the prospect of defeating the current president were reasons given often by Romney voters. 

But former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman was the choice for Sam Knowles.

“I like the fact that he’s served in a different administration than his party and was willing to step up and do that.”

Knowles was leaning towards Huntsman about a week ago.  What clinched it was the debate on Saturday when Huntsman and Romney clashed over Huntsman’s diplomatic work for President Obama.