O'Connor Joins Familiar 1st District Foes Guinta, Shea-Porter at NH1 Debate

Oct 25, 2016

1st Congressional District candidates Carol Shea-Porter, Frank Guinta, and Shawn O'Connor take part in the NH1 News debate Monday.
Credit NH1 News

At Monday night’s 1st Congressional District debate hosted by NH1 News, two familiar foes were joined by a newcomer to the race.

Incumbent Republican Frank Guinta and Democrat Carol Shea-Porter are no strangers to voters in the 1st District; this marks the fourth consecutive race where they’ll both be on the ballot.

So voters by now are used to hearing them square off on the issues, as they did Monday night on the topic of term limits.

Guinta says he supports the idea; Shea-Porter disagrees.

“It has to be left up to the voters. I think it’s heavy handed and what you’re asking for is government to make the decision," Shea-Porter said.

“Well, it’s not heavy handed. You’ve been running since 2006, but this is about what people want around the entire country," Guinta responded.

A new element to the race this year is the addition of Independent Shawn O’Connor, who was quick to jump in.

“I think the one thing I can agree with Congressman Guinta on is that the people want an outsider. They’re tired of this debate. This is Rocky IV of this debate. It’s gone back and forth. Both of them think that it’s a good thing they’ve been in politics since 2006.”

The trio meets again Nov. 3 for the WMUR/Union Leader debate.