Competing Studies Dispute Northern Pass Jobs Claims

Jan 23, 2012


An industry group has put out a new study that disputes Public Service of New Hampshire’s claims about the number of jobs the Northern Pass project will create.

The study cuts PSNH’s jobs prediction in half.

A trade group representing power plant owners commissioned an independent analyst to study how many jobs the Northern Pass project might create.

That analysis found that the project could expect to create just over 600 jobs in New Hampshire, about half of the 1,200 jobs figure released by Northern Pass.

Dan Dolan is the president of the New England Power Generators Association, who commissioned the study.

"There certainly will be jobs associated with it, if it does go through, but we think those numbers were a little inflated and so wanted to have another analysis that was done in a much more transparent manner and be able to present for folks to consider," says Dolan

The study also found that most of the work would be carried out by out-of-state contractors, and the bulk of the economic impact would come from indirect spending.

Public Service of New Hampshire stands by the results of its study.