In Claremont, Trump Goes Off the Cuff With Supporters

Jan 6, 2016

Donald Trump in Claremont

Donald Trump rallied supporters in Claremont Tuesday night. The GOP front-runner ended things with a rapid fire answers to shouted questions from the audience, and some off the cuff shouting of his own.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Shout it out, man.”

Trumps first questioner wanted to know if the Republican front-runner would bar women from serving in the infantry.

“Isn’t that a wonderful first question," Trump responded.

Trump threw the matter back to the crowd, which by a show of hands was divided.

“So it’s a little bit of a mix, and a lot of people are undecided. What?”

The real estate mogul was quicker on the second question, on equal pay.

“I love equal pay. I love equal pay, I do. I mean, I have many women -- I was very, very forward, advanced on women.”

On term limits and medical marijuana, Trump said he liked both.

"Term limits are fine, term limits are fine. Medical, I do, medical is good, medical is good."

When it came to voter fraud, Trump said it’s a problem.

"This voting system is out of control. You have people, in my opinion, that are voting many, many times. They don't want security, they don't want cards."

State officials have identified few voter fraud issues in New Hampshire.

The 2016 presidential primary will be the first in which local voters will be required to show identification or have their photo taken at the polls by election workers.