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Word of Mouth

#MeToo: New Hampshire Stories of Survival, Reflection and Prevention


In the months since #MeToo went viral on social media, millions of people across the globe have broken the silence on their stories of sexual assault and harassment. But where do we stand in New Hampshire? How has the Granite State responded to the Me Too movement? What conversations are we having? What actions are we taking?

Months ago, we asked listeners if they used that hashtag, and whether they'd be willing to share their stories and perspectives with us. In this episode, you'll hear from those women, as well as those who study trauma and how to respond to it. You'll hear how one man is moving forward in the age of "Me Too," and what a University of New Hampshire research center is doing to prevent sexual assault and harassment.

  • N.H. Congresswoman Annie Kuster on sharing her stories of sexual assault and promoting legislation to protect victims.
  • Trauma specialist Linda Douglas from the N.H. Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Violence talks about the fallout of trauma, and how to support victims.
  • Nashua resident Ryan Thompson shares his thoughts and actions in the wake of the #MeToo social media movement.
  • College senior and intern at the UNH Prevention Innovations Research Center talks about the center's research, their new app and her own thoughts and theories about sexual violence.
  • Alison Turkos shares her experiences of sexual assault, and how she is healing from the trauma.
  • You Asked, We Answered: Where in N.H. can I go to learn more about Robert Frost?
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