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3.02.16: Political "Immigrants," Visions of the Future, & Luke Bonner

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As Super Tuesday results came in last night, Google searches for how to move to Canada spiked 350%. Whether Obama in '08, or Trump in 2016, a surprising number of people threaten "if so and so gets elected, I'm outta here". But where would they go?  Today, when Americans commit  self-imposed political exile.

And there's no farther place to travel than outer space - we'll talk to the designer behind one of NASA's viral ad campaigns, a beautiful set of travel posters that put a fifties spin on space tourism. 

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Political "Immigrants"

Threatening to flee the country when your candidate loses is nothing new, but not on the scale seen after yesterday’s primaries. When Donald Trump's support started gaining in the fall, the digital analytics firm Luminoso analyzed 4.5 Trump-related tweets to find out where people thought they'd go. Denise Christie is a client insights consultant at Luminoso, which initiated the Trump tracker.

Political "Immigrants"

"Visions of the Future"

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently launched a new series of dazzling space travel posters that hearken back to "the golden age of airline travel" to encourage people to imagine a future where touring the "historic sites of Mars" or visiting more than "100 breathtaking geysers" on the tiny Saturnian moon Enceladus could be on your short list for spring break.

Don and Ryan Clark are the brothers behind Invisible Creature, a design and illustration studio based in Seattle that designed three of the posters for JPL's "Visions of the Future" series.

"Visions of the Future"

The American Vacation

We may not be taking any vacations to mars anytime soon - but a serious study of vacations can actually tell us a lot about the history of privilege and social class in the United States.  This next piece comes from our series theUncommon Core, which examines unusual college classes, and was produced by Taylor Quimby.

You can listen to this story again at this link: The American Vacation

Luke Bonner

It's March. The month of madness for fans of college basketball. It's also a big month for Luke Bonner - Luke grew up in Concord, NH, shooting hoops with his tall, athletic brother Matt, sister Becky, and his dad, Dave Bonner.

Now Matt plays for an NBA team - the San Antonio Spurs - Becky is an NBA rep who conducts basketball clinics in the US and abroad, and Luke works in sports marketing and is co-founder of the College Athletes Players Association - one of the organizations challenging powerful and lucrative college athletics to expand the rights of players.

Luke wrote about the hard work and punishing expectations on Division I athletes for Vice. It's an issue we hear about a lot, but rare that we hear from someone who's been through it. 

Luke Bonner

Keep Bowling As Long As You Can

Ryan Family Amusements is a bowling alley in downtown Falmouth, Massachusetts that opens at 9 am. On Wednesdays, that’s not quite early enough. That’s the day senior league bowlers start crowding the door at 8:30…all ready for their weekly games. They come for the competition and the company. Nancy Klingener brings us the story of one veteran who has been playing longer than anyone else.

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