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The blogs of Word of Mouth are So, There's That, Inside Word of Mouth, and 11 for '11.

Staff Picks: Firing on All Cylinders, 10.18.15

"An Actual Duck": I've always found store bought costumes to be a bit lacking in creativity, yes, I am a costume snob. I went to art school, it's a prerequisite. But I think I would applaud loudly if I saw any of these postersin the pop-up Halloween costume shop. If I ever went to those places... - Logan


Get Mulder On This: In general, science is cool. But the coolest science, far away, is astronomy. Case in point: Real Scientists are seriously considering the possibility that a "swarm of megastructures" (AKA: alien technology) may be responsible for an unusual light pattern coming from a star that sits somewhere between the constellations Cygnus and Lyra. Accounting for the time it takes light to reach us across space, this anomaly is certainly coming to us from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The full article, and further explanation, appeared in the Atlantic. - Molly

Credit James Vaughan via Flickr CC /

Let's Do The Time Hop:? I know I’m a bit behind the game, seeing as Season 2 has just premiered, but I binge-watched Season 1 of Fargo this week and loved it. The cast is stellar, and Bob Odenkirk gives a particularly delightful performance as Deputy Bill Oswalt. - Maureen

(I also can’t stop watching this totally NSFW clip from the British series The Thick Of It. - Maureen) 

Now To Sports: We like to stay current with the Sports Beat, so here's the latest (sort of) happenings with table tennis - see how the pros look like they play


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