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Word of Mouth
Sometimes, a picture (or a chart, graph, video, or map) tells a better story.

The Found Footage Festival: A Strange Journey Down Memory Lane


On today’s episode we talked to Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of The Found Footage Festival. The Found Footage Festival began in 2004 out of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Pickett and Prueher, childhood friends from Wisconsin, began their collection in high school by picking up unintentionally funny VHS videos from various sources (a lot of garage sales).  The festival tour where they showcase their collection originated out of the need to fund their full-length documentary, Dirty Country (2007), which follows a raunchy country singer and small-town family man, Larry Pierce. 

The Found Footage Festival has now completed their seventh volume. They tour across the US and will be completing a UK tour this summer. On Thursday, June 19 the FF Festival will be in Bethlehem, New Hampshire at the Colonial Theatre at 7:3o PM, 18 years of age and up. If you’re nearby, tickets are for sale here. If not, we have made a short list of some of the many hilarious videos that Pickett and Prueher have curated. Check out more on their website.

Linda Blair's How to Get Revenge

In this video, Linda Blair of “The Exorcist” shares a few tips on how to plan out revenge against someone who has wronged you.  From cutting others off on the highway to clearly illegal harassment, Linda and a few anonymous others might get you in the mood for vengeance, but more than likely they will just make you laugh.

John & Johnny: Earrings

Mother Don and her daughter, Heather, certainly didn’t know what they were getting themselves in for when they called in about some gold shell earrings on the American Value Network. Hosts John and Johnny attempt ventriloquism and create a classic moment of shopping channel awkwardness.

Mr. Nasty

Have a friend who has just been buggin’ you? This video was originally circulated for that purpose. Let Mr. Nasty do the dirty work for you, but don’t be surprised if your recipients are just left feeling oddly violated by his bad acting and familial accusations.  

Dance Workout with Barbie

Hey Barbie! This video features a slightly disturbing stop-motion Barbie doll alternating with a real (although still Barbie-like) person leading a group of overly excited pre-teen girls in a jazzercise-esque dance workout.

Disney World: One Kid's Opinion

Ever wondered what a twelve year old Wisconsinite thought of his 1993 trip to Disney World? No? Well Madison public access channel gives you the answer anyway in this hilariously awkward clip. We give it five Mickeys.  

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