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Word of Mouth
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6.16.14: The Song Of The Summer & The Worst Songs From The World Cup

Kaytee Riek via flickr Creative Commons

According to the calendar, it’s still spring for a few more days, but some music critics have already anointed the song of the summer. Today on Word of Mouth we’ll reveal the warm-weather anthem you’ll be hearing all summer long. Plus, for soccer-loving countries, the World Cup inspires passion, patriotism, and songs, bad ones. We’ll listen to a selection of the worst songs also inspired by the World Cup, from around the world.

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The Song of the Summer

  • It happens every year in the steamy months of summer: that one song that you hear on what seems like permanent repeat until the leaves start to turn. We asked Joe Levy, Editorial Director of Billboard Magazine, which songs are contenders this year and why "The Song of the Summer" even exists.

Song of the Summer

  • Top contender this year is Iggy Azalea's, "Fancy." Jimmy Fallon even lip-synced it a few weeks ago on The Tonight Show.

The Worst Songs From The 2014 World Cup

  • The official song for the 2014 World Cup is "We Are One" by J-Lo and Pitbull, and while you may not be a fan, there are even worse choices. Ryan Bailey writes for Yahoo Sports' soccer blog "Dirty Tackle" and spoke with us from Brazil where he's covering the World Cup.
The Worst World Cup Songs

How Hollywood Keeps Star's Pregnancies A Secret

  • What does Hollywood do when the lead actress in a television show is pregnant, but the character she plays isn't? Logan Hill wrote about some of the tricks the entertainment industry employs to keep baby bumps hidden from the camera for Los Angeles Magazine.
  • The Wire compiled a list of GIFs that show the many ways Scandal hid Kerry Washington's belly.

Hiding Pregnancies on Television

Dinner Time Battles

Dinner Time Battles

  The Versatility Of Kimchi

  • You don't need to be Korean to appreciate this pickled side dish. Emily Friedman brings us the story of South Korean's national dish.


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