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Word of Mouth

12 Angry Puppets

Photo by Mr.Ducke, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

From this year’s popular revival of Jim Henson’s Muppets in a new film starring Jason Segal, to our recent coverage of Wakka Wakka’s production, Baby Universe, an interplanetary puppet odyssey that took the stage in Hanover, it seems like puppets are popping up just about everywhere. 

For further proof, we point to a distinctly utilitarian use of the felt-clad miniatures; as stand-in actors for news outlets banned from bringing cameras into the courtroom. Whether puppets are cheaper, or sketch artists hard to come by– one TV station is sewing something special into their coverage of the county corruption trial of one Jimmy Dimora, playing out in federal court.  One note, all the puppet coverage includes actual trial transcripts.    

While WOIO claims its puppet court segments are not intended to replace any serious coverage of trials held behind closed doors, it’s hard to deny that puppet court has introduced an innovative new model. So perhaps court rooms famous for banning cameras need to watch out, maybe even the nation’s highest court. Be warned Nina Totenberg, anything you can do, a puppet can do cuter.  

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