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Word of Mouth

Faith on the Field

Ed Clemente Photography via Flickr Creative Commons

And now, a new tick on the American conversation on religion. Yes, politicos discuss how GOP candidates appealed for the Evangelical vote in Iowa, and will again in South Carolina. But, another discussion arises from the spectacle of one Tim Tebow. The Denver Broncos quarterback’s out-of-nowhere fourth quarter surges and open displays of devotion make him the target of criticism and adulation. Tebow’s public prayers have inspired the verb “to Tebow" and no shortage of memes, including skads of YouTube videos of babies and toddlers Tebowing. You know you’ve made it when Saturday Night Live parodies you, in this sketch, Christ himself pays a visit to the Broncos locker room after yet another miraculous fourth-quarter win…


All this Tebow fervor got us wondering how a religious leader might feel about mixing god with football, and the conversation Tebow has inspired in our culture. Jason Wells is the vicar at Grace Epiposcopal Church in Concord, and our favorite man to call whenever we have a question of faith.

Babies Tebowing: