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What Do We Mean When We Say "Artifical Intelligence?"


It's actually been talked about it for decades, but what do we mean when we say "artificial intelligence" in our time? We hear that history, and talk about new developments. How is AI impacting us now, and in the future?


  • Robert Fleischman -A recognized expert in carrier-scale Internet technology. He holds patents, and invented and helped build messaging and DNS technologies that currently process trillions of transactions daily on the Internet. 
    Fleischman is a frequent advisor and performs due-diligence for Angel, VC, and technology investors.  He has both served and chaired multiple endowment committees responsible for investing hundreds of millions in assets.

    After graduating from MIT, Rob began his career at BBN Labs (where the Internet was invented) and has worked at multiple start-ups, large technology, and financial companies. He has also appeared on Word Of Mouth's Series of Tubes

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