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Surprise Medical Bills: Balance-Billing & Other Charges Leave Patients With Big Debts

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In New Hampshire, visitors to some emergency rooms have received shockingly high bills after treatment, often involving charges for out-of-network doctors, who provided care at hospitals that were part of their insurance plans.  Wednesday morning at 9, The Exchange takes a closer look at this "balance-billing." 


  • Mark Hall - Nonresident Senior Fellow for Economic Studies at the Center for Health Policy at the Brookings Institute. Read Mark's research below. 
  • Josh Kattef - New Hampshire resident who incurred high medical bills as a result of balance billing, and participated in a study on balance billing in New Hampshire
  • Representative David Luneau - Legislator from Merrimack who is sponsoring HB-1809, which would prohibit balance billing under the managed care law. 
  • Casey McDermott - Reporter for NHPR. Read Casey's coverage of balance billing in New Hampshire below. 

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