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Rogue Heroes: The History of the S.A.S


In his book "Rogue Heroes" author Ben Macintyre describes the origins of Britain's notoriously secret special forces unit, the S.A.S.  The inspiration for special forces around the world, the S.A.S. was originally made up of eccentric rogues and miscreants  who did not fit into the ranks of the regular Army. Their motto "who dares wins" became the most famous military motto in Britain.

GUEST:  Ben Macintyre, author of Rogue Heroes and a writer-at-large for The Times of London.

Click on this link for information on a BBC documentary (not currently available in the U.S.) about the S.A.S. featuring Ben Macintyre as presenter.  There are some videos, recordings and photos of some of the founding members of the S.A.S.

During our conversation with Ben Macintyre, he discussed the Parachute Padre, The Very Reverend Fraser McLuskey.  Here's a link to book, and to his obituary.

Ben Macintyre also described how Randolph Churchill advocated for the SAS; here's a link to an article about it.