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Voter Rules & Regs, As The Voting Rights Act Turns 50

U.S. National Archives

This month, there’s been a lot of attention to the rules and regulations around casting a ballot, with last week’s fiftieth anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, and a federal appeals court rejecting a Texas voter I.D. law.  We’re discussing how and why most states have tightened up their voting requirements, including New Hampshire.


  • Guy-Uriel Charles - founding director of the Duke University Law Center on Law, Race and Politics and a professor of law and senior associate dean for faculty research at Duke. He is an expert on constitutional law, election law, politics, and race, and co-founded the Colored Demos blog.
  • Tomas Lopez - Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice which is a progressive law and public policy institute. He is counsel for the center’s Democracy Program, where his work focuses on voting rights and elections.
  • Ilya Shapiro - senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review. The Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank.
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