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What's Behind The Burgeoning Backyard Chicken Movement In N.H.

As more Granite Staters set up coops, some of their neighbors are crowing over the noise –and local governments are having to step in. We’ll talk about caring for the chickens you own and dealing with the chickens you don’t.

Credit Cody and Maureen / Flickr/CC


  • Dot Perkins - field specialist and a member of the livestock team for the UNH Cooperative Extension out of the Merrimack County Office in Boscawen.
  • Jason Reimers - land use lawyer for BCM Environmental & Land Law.


  • a Word of Mouth segment about 'end-of-life planning' for hens: "Erica Strauss recently stirred things up when she urged readers of her blog to consider what keeping chickens means down the road…killing them."
  • Salmonella infections in N.H. linked to national outbreak and backyard chickens: State health officials say all of the cases reported purchasing baby chicks from local farm supply stores, all of which are supplied by Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio. The hatchery has been implicated in an ongoing multistate outbreak of salmonella, as well as outbreaks in 2011 and 2012.
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