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The Small-State Advantage?


In the current American political system, some say larger states can be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to political representation in the U.S. Senate and electoral college, to a degree some say the Founders likely never imagined. Some are clamoring for a remedy of some sort, while others suggest the two Senators per State model still plays an important role in balancing political power. We'll look at both sides of this debate. 


  • Frances Lee: Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland. Her most recent book is Beyond Ideology: Politics, Principles and Partisanship in the U.S. Senate
  • Stephen Macedo: Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Politics at Princeton University, as well as the former Director for the University Center for Human Values at Princeton. He has written several books and was principal co-author of Democracy at Risk: How Political Choices Undermine Citizen Participation, and What We Can Do About It.