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Governor Maggie Hassan's latest pitch for a single casino along the Massachusetts border is that it's the logical next step in New Hampshire’s long history of state-sanctioned gambling.

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan joins us.   We’ll cover some of the major proposals in her new budget, especially the inclusion of eighty-million dollars in revenue from a casino that hasn’t been approved yet.  We’ll also talk about her first two months in office; from relations with the legislature to how much of her agenda she thinks she’ll be able to accomplish and we'll take your calls as well.


Governor Maggie Hassan - Governor of New Hampshire

The New Hampshire House votes this week on whether to raise the gas tax for the first time since 1991; considerations over this proposed tax and expanded gambling will affect implementation of the governor's budget.

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StateImpact NH reporter Emily Corwin is live blogging Governor Maggie Hassan's budget address this morning from the state house.

Taking a look at how Governor Maggie Hassan handled her first weather-related test in the recent storm and what may be coming up in her budget proposal, being introduced on Thursday; Representative Annie Kuster's tax delinquency troubles.

The Local Government Center looks to replace its executive director; a look at bills that are coming down the pipe, including a bill to allow businesses to receive tax credits for donating private and home school scholarship funds, and a repeal of the Voter ID law.

The New Hampshire Republican Party voted this past Saturday and chose former Congressional candidate Jennifer Horn to be their latest chairperson; and a repeal of the "Stand Your Ground" law comes up before committee in the House of Representatives.

New Hampshire Republicans are set to choose their new leaders; Governor Hassan prepares her budget proposal, amidst debate over increased gambling; David Campbell's projection to raise infrastructure funds through an increase to the gas tax and vehicle registration fees; and the House looks at N.H.'s "Stand Your Ground" law.

Governor, Legislature Prepare To Hammer Out Budget

Jan 17, 2013
Emily Corwin / NHPR

With a new governor, a divided statehouse, and continued uncertainty over federal spending, New Hampshire lawmakers are preparing to hammer out a budget.  It’s never a particularly easy process.  But hopes are high at the statehouse that this session, the inevitable fiscal fights will be more muted.

In her inaugural address earlier this month, Democratic governor Maggie Hassan struck a bipartisan tone about the state’s finances.

The legislature starts hearing bills this week. On the agenda are Medicaid expansion, straight ticket voting, 911-related immunity; off the table is an education funding amendment

A look at the inaugural address of Governor Maggie Hassan. The N.H. House opens with a fight over guns, and lawmakers begin thinking about the next state budget.

After her sizable victory in November, Hassan was officially sworn in today, as New Hampshire's 81st Governor.  In her speech she spoke of her hopes of a bipartisan and collaborative legislature. We'll  play back excerpts from her speech and see what’s ahead for “Day One” and beyond.


Josh Rogers – NHPR Statehouse Reporter.

Kevin Landrigan — Statehouse and political reporter for the Nashua Telegraph.


We have a roundtable of State House and Senate leaders, on what’s in store for this new Legislative session.  Democrats, who take the reins in both the corner office and the House, are already aiming to modify or repeal some of the changes passed by the GOP last session, including on guns and voter ID…we’ll look at that, and  at the biannual budget process…already underway.


The Lynch Legacy

Dec 5, 2012

In just a few weeks, the Governor steps down, after eight years in office.  We’ll talk with a roundtable of Granite Staters about his handling of everything from the economy to education to the environment.   We’ll also look at the “Lynch Style”…a low-key approach to governing that was, at times criticized as a lack of leadership.


Josh Rogers – Statehouse Reporter for NHPR

The former Republican U.S. Senator from New Hampshire died Monday night, at age eighty-two.  For decades, Rudman was a prominent voice in New Hampshire and National politics…on deficit reduction, homeland security, and campaign finance.  We’ll look back at his long career with Granite Staters who knew him.

Click here to listen to Warren Rudman's featured appearance on the Exchange during our 25 in 25 series back in 2007.


478: Red State Blue State

Nov 3, 2012
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Politics have divided our country to the extent that the two sides not only disagree on the solutions to the country’s problems, they represent two different realities. This week we hear from people who are intimately familiar with this rift. They’ve lost friends. They’ve become estranged from family. They've watched civility cede to skirmishes. Our political civil war and its consequences: a special pre-election episode.


We answer any final questions you have before you go to vote.  From debates, to political ads to stories and shows on NHPR, you’ve been given a lot of information, but maybe there’s a topic you haven’t heard much about or that one question that may sway you to one side or another. Today a panel of experts joins us to give you any final information you need before Election day.


We continue our “Issue of the Week” election series  as we look at where the candidates for Congress, Governor, and President stand on… social issues, including abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage. Although these generally rank low on surveys of important issues, they get talked about often. Today we'll look at what the candidates are saying and what role they'll play in this election.


Ballot question one asks if New Hampshire should permanently prohibit an income tax?  In next month's election, Granite Staters will have to vote 'yes' or 'no' on this proposed change to the state's constitution. Supporters say this would settle a longstanding debate once and for all. Opponents say it would damage the state's fiscal standing. Today, we're taking a look at the arguments both pro and con to this question and answer any questions you may have before you head to the ballot box.


NHPR Staff

A proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot this November would give the legislature final say over judicial rules and procedures.  That has some in the legal community incensed over what they consider to be a power grab by the legislature. But others in that same legal community think it simply restores authority appropriately to the people’s representatives.

Rehashing the Debates

Sep 20, 2012
David Lane / Union Leader

On Monday,  it was First Congressional District  hopefuls Frank Guinta and Carol Shea Porter, Tuesday, Charlie Bass and Ann McClane Custer of the Second District duked it out and yesterday, candidates for Governor, Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamoontagne debated their views. We’ll look at the issues raised, who said what and where these campaign go from here. 


Josh Rodgers - New Hampshire's Senior Political Reporter.

Mike Cote - Business Editor for the Union Leader

Last night the sides were drawn for races from the State Senate to Executive Council, but perhaps the most closely watched was the Governor’s where Maggie Hassan won for the Democrats and Ovide Lamontagne was victorious for the Republicans.  We look at who won, and where these races may go in the next eight weeks. 


In just a few days New Hampshire  Republicans and Democrats will choose their nominees for Governor….after a lively campaign on both sides, with competing ideas on some major issues….such as taxes, prisons, and health care. We’ll look at all the candidates, what they’re saying and how they might stack up against each other in a general election.


Today we talk to a roundtable of New Hampshire Democrats attending their party's convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. We'll get their thoughts on some of the DNC's speakers, their party's platform, their hopes for President Obama's address Thursday night and how they hope it may give their Party a boost as they head into a tough Presidential election season.


Courtney Cania / NHPR

Our coverage of the New Hampshire Gubernatorial primary continues with Democrat Jackie Cilley.  A former State Representative, Senator and UNH Business Professor, Cilley has been vocal about not taking the traditional anti-tax pledge.  We’ll talk with her about that, and other issues in this primary campaign, including why she thinks she's the best choice for Democrats this fall.


Jackie Cilley - Former State Representative, Senator, UNH Business Professor and current Democratic Candidate for Governor

Courtney Cania / NHPR

We continue our coverage of the New Hampshire gubernatorial primary, with Republican Kevin Smith.  A former State Representative and lobbyist, Smith is a social and fiscal conservative, emphasizing in this race his plans to improve the state’s business climate.  We’ll get his stance on that and other issues including why he thinks he’s the best choice for Republicans this fall.


  • Kevin Smith -  Former State Representative, Lobbyist and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate.

Courtney Cania / NHPR

Our coverage of New Hampshire’s Gubernatorial Primary continues today with Republican Ovide Lamontagne.  The Manchester lawyer and former candidate for Senate, Congress and Governor is once again running for the state’s highest office, as a solid conservative on both social and fiscal matters. We’ll get his stance on the issue and why he thinks he’s the best choice for Republicans this fall.


  • Ovide Lamontagne - Manchester Attorney and a Republican Candidate for Governor.

Brady Carlson / NHPR

William O'Brien, The Republican House Speaker from Mont Vernon, has kept himself in the headlines over the past two years, both for his leadership and for dramatic changes in state government.  Some Granite Staters praise O’Brien for following through on promises made during the election and shaking up state politics, but others call him a “polarizing figure” and even a “bully.”  We sit down with him to talk about the past two years and his hopes for the November Elections.