Writers on a New England Stage: Daniel Silva

Aug 1, 2016

Daniel Silva was a journalist based in the Middle East before he published his first novel in 1996. That story, The Unlikely Spy hit the New York Times best-sellers list and introduced the world to Gabriel Allons -- a Mossad assassin turned art restorer. Now 16 novels into the series, Allons is known as "The Jewish James Bond" and has joined the pantheon of legendary fictional spies that includes George Smiley, Jack Ryan, and Jason Bourne.

Silva's deep knowledge of international intrigues and access to intelligence have given the series a prophetic edge -- he's described criminal acts, acts of aggression and political turmoil -- from the Arab Spring riot to terrorist bombs in France -- with uncanny precision. 

Daniel Silva spoke to Virginia Prescott at The Music Hall in Portsmouth for Writers on a New England Stage to talk about how he created his enigmatic, conflicted hero, and his new novel, The Black Widow.