Winter Bugs: The Viruses, Infections & Illnesses

Jan 30, 2019

With cold weather comes more stuffy noses, fevers, and bugs.  Why do we tend to get sick in the winter, and why are some people more affected than others? We get some answers, as well as how to protect yourself and those around you.  And we find out about coping with seasonal affective disorder. 


  • Dr. Douglas Phelan, DO - A family phyisican and preventitive medicine resident practicing in Concord and Epsom. He is also a public health student at Dartmouth Institute. 
  • Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, MD - Infectious Disease Specialist at Dartmouth Hospital. 
  • Elizabeth Daly - Chief of the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control at the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services. 

At 9:40, we discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder. Joining us is:

  • Kelly Rohan - Expert on Seasonal Affective Disorder and Professor of Psychological Science at the University of Vermont.