Who Got Paid To Push Marsy's Law In New Hampshire?

Jun 22, 2018

Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

The Marsy's Law amendment aimed to spell out new rights for victims of sexual and domestic violence in New Hampshire.

And despite having the backing of Governor Chris Sununu, and key lawmakers in both parties, the measure failed badly in the New Hampshire House.

But according to state filings, money doesn't appear to have been the problem. The campaign behind the effort, Marsy's Law For New Hampshire, spent $367,000 to boost the proposal.

Along the way, it hired a crew that included former GOP Congressman and State Supreme Court Justice Chuck Douglas, who earned $17,500; and the lobbying shop led by high-profile Democrat Jim Demers, who earned the same amount.

But the biggest earner on the failed campaign was Amanda Grady Sexton, policy director for the Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, who was paid $48,000.       

California billionaire, Henry Nicholas, whose sister  Marsy was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 1983, led the 2008 push to get California to adopt more protectiosn for victims. He's since expanded that effort. This year more than a dozen states considered so-called Marsy's Laws.