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Valuable Advice in a Difficult Year

Feb 3, 2021

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In an overwhelming year, we all could use some help. So we discuss how to give and receive good advice and why timing matters. What are the best words of wisdom you've ever given or received, and why?

Air date: Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021. 


This show was produced by Jane Vaughan. 

Advice from our guests and listeners

  • Speak in realities. 
  • Spend more time imagining the good outcome. 
  • Take responsibility for what happens to you, your family, and your world. 
  • Ask yourself if something will matter in four years, especially if you have young children. 
  • Nobody knows how this is going to turn out. 
  • There's a fine line between help and control. 
  • Be kind and compassionate. 
  • Procrastination can be part of the process. 
  • Drink water. 
  • Have one credit card. 
  • If you want to cut your bangs, really think about it first. 
  • Make your bed. 
  • Go for a walk.
  • With every step, your legs get stronger. Just keep going. 
  • Celebrate the fact that you have done a day. 
  • If you can't go out, go within. 
  • Have purpose when you wake up in the morning. What do I want to do today?
  • Feel good about what you've accomplished. 
  • Lead, follow, or get out of the way!
  • Don't ask a question if you can't live with the answer. 
  • Let it be. 
  • You are as good as the best thing you ever did. 
  • Don't "should" on yourself. Don't "should" on another person.
  • Let it marinate. 
  • Be the subject and not the object of a sentence. 
  • Be as amazing as you want to be. 
  • Always examine a person's agenda for why they are giving you advice because sometimes it's about their needs and limitations rather than your own. 
  • Attitude is everything. 
  • If you want a friend, be one. 
  • Be the lighthouse in a storm and don't enter the water. 
  • Be clear. Be kind. Not one more than the other. 
  • Leave the party while you're still having fun. 
  • Don't force it. 
  • Never buy dinner a la carte.