Towns Seek State Conservation Status for Warner River | New Hampshire Public Radio

Towns Seek State Conservation Status for Warner River

Jul 12, 2017

Residents of Warner and surroundings towns have requested to place the Warner River under a state environmental protection program. 

The Warner River is a favorite location for trout fisherman and kayakers. Joining New Hampshire's River Management and Protection Program would mean that people who live near the river will have a say in conserving it.

The program would create a local advisory council for development projects, explained Sam Durfee of the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission at a public hearing on Tuesday. “The idea being, if there’s a large impervious surface development in Bradford, Warner might have something to say about that as they draw from the ground-water aquifers that are supplied by the Warner River.”

Eighteen New Hampshire rivers are already in the program. The plan for the Warner River will now head to the statehouse to seek approval from legislators.