"Supervision" And Life On Parole | New Hampshire Public Radio

"Supervision" And Life On Parole

Jun 10, 2019

Credit Sara Plourde; NHPR

The four-part podcast Supervision follows one New Hampshire man's life on parole. We talk about this series with reporter Emily Corwin, and discuss parole in N.H., including finding access to resources like housing, transportation, and mental health services, to finding a job and integrating back into life outside of prison.


  • Emily Corwin - Corwin is an investigative reporter and editor at Vermont Public Radio, and former reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio, where she first started reporting on Josh Lavenets in "Supervision." She also worked on the VPR podcast JOLTED, about what happens when a young man plans a school shooting, and is caught before he hurts anyone. 
  • Chief Seifu Ragassa - Chief probation and parole officer at the Ossippee District Office of the N.H. Department of Corrections. He formerly worked as a corrections officer.
  • Tracy Scavarelli - Deputy Director for the New Hampshire Public Defender