State Drug Czar Will Resign

Jan 15, 2016

Jack Wozmak, New Hampshire's drug czar, will step down effective February 1, 2016
Credit Josh Rogers/NHPR

Jack Wozmak says with the legislature presently focused on the opioid crisis, now is a good time for him to step down as the state's so-called "drug czar." (Click here to read his resignation letter.) 

A year ago, Governor Hassan appointed Wozmak to serve as the state's Senior Director for Substance Misuse and Behavioral Health.  In that time he became something of a flash point as Republicans and some law enforcement agencies complained he wasn't communicative enough.  

During the past year Wozmak says he focused on expanding the use of the overdose reversal drug Narcan, recruiting more companies to open treatment facilities, and encouraging the state to examine whether insurers are covering addiction services. 

"Before this we were in the middle of nowhere. We were in the middle of a crisis. There was no direction. There was no goals. There was no plan. So we've come an awful long way in a year. And it's been wonderful. This is a year I wouldn't trade for anything," said Wozmak.

No word as of late Friday what the governor's plans are to find a replacement.