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Shots Fired. Then An Apology. Now Manchester PD Is Asking for Help

Sep 15, 2020

An apology note allegedly penned by the gunman arrived in this envelop.
Credit Manchester PD

Exactly a year ago today, someone fired six bullets into a tidy yellow house with dark shutters in Manchester. Two more shots struck a car parked outside the house.

The family inside of the South Porter Street home was uninjured. 

Six months later, the family received an anonymous letter from someone claiming to be the gunman. 

They offered their apologies for the shooting, and included information in the letter that made clear it wasn’t a random event, and that they knew information about the occupants of the house.

Now, with the case turning cold, police are releasing images of a car seen leaving the area around the time of the shooting, and a photograph of the handwritten envelope.

“We’re hoping that maybe somebody might recognize the handwriting on it and be able to give us some tips to whomever is responsible,” said Heather Hamel, public information officer for Manchester’s police department. “It’s been a terrifying ordeal for them, and it remains terrifying because they don’t know who targeted them and why.”

Photographs of the vehicle appear to show a Nissan Maxima or Altima, model year 2018 or newer, in either silver or gray. The handwritten envelope is penned in blue ink, with two “love” stamps used for postage.

A 2018 or newer Nissan, likely an Altima or Maxima, was photographed near the scene of the shooting.
Credit Manchester PD

Law enforcement aren’t releasing the contents of the letter or additional information about the family.

“While we cannot go into specifics, the author made it clear, he or she was familiar with the homeowner, their work in the community, and the country they came from,” said Hamel in a press release. “However, the author appeared to show remorse and apologized for their actions.”

Hamel said despite the reference to the victims being from another country, there is no evidence to suggest the event was a hate crime.

Anyone with information about the shooting, or tips based on the images of the vehicle or envelope, are asked to call the Manchester Police Department at 603-668-8711 or use an anonymous crimeline at 603-624-4040. A $10,000 reward is offered.