Powerline: How Hydro-Québec Helped Shape Canadian Energy and Cultural History | New Hampshire Public Radio

Powerline: How Hydro-Québec Helped Shape Canadian Energy and Cultural History

Jan 19, 2018

Sam Evans-Brown, host of Outside/In, the NHPR podcast about the natural world and how we use it, discusses the podcast's latest series, Powerline. We hear about how the development of the world's fourth-largest hydropower producer, Hydro-Québec, impacted French Canadians, and the indigenous people of Québec...also, how this hydropower company is connected to a controversial power project in New Hampshire, Northern Pass.

This show originally aired on November 29, 2017. 

The Origins

Powerline is a four-part series about "who has power, who wields it, and when you've got none...how do you take it?"

  • Part I: Masters In Our Own Home: The series began earlier this month with a deep dive into the history of the mega project, a dramatic economic move to seize Quebec's hydro-power. 
  • Part II: The Project of the Century: Hydro-Quebec launches with multiple goals, including meeting a demand for electricity for more than 1 million people. The project creates thousands of jobs.
  • Part III: The Peace of the Braves:  Throughout the 1980s and 90s, the fight against Hydro-Quebec brought one First Nation rights and prosperity unrivaled in Canada. Now, on a very different field, another First Nation is looking to adopt their playbook.
  • Part IV: Down the Line: When a disenfranchised indigenous community stands up to a corporation, what is righteous and what is wrong seems clear. But when that fight takes place over decades, the lines start to blur. 

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