Portsmouth Police Chief Stepping Down

Sep 29, 2015

Stephen DuBois
Credit Twitter

Portsmouth Police Chief Stephen DuBois will resign, effective March 28, 2016.

DuBois became chief in early 2012 after 19 years on the force.

The resignation is voluntary. It comes one month after a judge ruled against now-fired Portsmouth police Sergeant Aaron Goodwin.  Goodwin’s inheritance of now diseased Geraldine Webber’s $2 million estate was contested by beneficiaries from an earlier will.

In that decision, Judge Cassavechia describes an “apparent lack of concern within the department about the potential for exploitation of Ms. Webber by department employees.” The judge also calls the testimony of DuBois’ direct subordinates “self-serving and dubious,” and “often contradictory.”

Chief DuBois’ separation agreement was signed by two of Portsmouth’s three police commissioners Monday night.