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Police Training & Use Of Deadly Force

Nov 12, 2013

“Officer-involved shootings”: that’s when police fire their guns during confrontations with suspects.  After two such shootings recently killed two people, questions have been raised about police use of deadly force.  But many in law enforcement say it’s become a more dangerous job, and that they go to great lengths to avoid harm.  We’ll look at police training and protocols. 

Credit fredhosley / Flickr Creative Commons


  • Buzz Scherr – professor at UNH Law; president of the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union
  • Jeff Strelzin- Senior Assistant Attorney General; chief of the Homicide Unit at the NH Attorney General's Office


  • John Harrigan – North country writer and farmer
  • Nick Willard:  Manchester Assistant Police Chief
  • Mark Sisti: criminal defense attorney from Chichester