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Photoshopping Vladimir Putin


Do a quick search of Vladimir Putin and you'll find a countless array of photoshopped images of the Russian leader riding a bear, a shark, a giraffe, an eagle and, because: puns, a Ritz® cracker.

There are a bevy of tumblr's devoted to photographs of Putin. Some are photoshop and mash-up photos, other are just " normal" photos of Putin, that manage to somehow appear photoshopped.

Uncomfortable Moments with Putin

Vladimir Putin Doing Things

Vladimir Putin with Animals

The Amazing Adventures of Vladimir Putin

On reddit's r/photoshopbattles, a photo of Putin doing something completely benign is posted, and an absurd battle of photoshop skills ensues.

Here's a link to the original photo by the Associated Press in a February 2014 WSJ.com article: Putin is Playing a Game of His Own

Here's a few from the battle:

Credit Reddit user u/Shappie
Sir Patrick Putin

Credit Reddit user u/Shappie
"Dewey, do you see that? That's air. That's air!"
Credit Redddit user u/I_Use_The_Internet
Putin gets the gold!
Credit Reddit user u/gnostic_cat
Credit Reddit user u/citizen_coping
Credit Reddit user u/BigMacCombo

It is surprising how fun it is to photoshop Putin into any photo, which we found out when we photoshopped him into an old WoM team photo.

Credit Team Photo: Chris Saunders | P-shop: Logan Shannon
With apologies to former producer Zach Nugent.

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