N.H. Unhappy With Proposed Opioid Settlement from Purdue Pharma | New Hampshire Public Radio

N.H. Unhappy With Proposed Opioid Settlement from Purdue Pharma

Sep 12, 2019

The New Hampshire Attorney General's office is objecting to a proposed settlement offered by drug maker Purdue Pharma.

The maker of oxycontin is hoping to resolve thousands of lawsuits that allege the company played a major role in creating the opioid crisis.

The deal offered by Purdue is reported to be worth more than $10 billion and would involve the Sackler family giving up ownership of the company.

Many plaintiffs have signed on to the tentative deal. But a majority of state Attorneys General, including New Hampshire's, say it isn't good enough. James Boffetti with the New Hampshire AG's office says the deal doesn't offer nearly enough money to repair the damage done by opioids.

“It is simply a bad deal for New Hampshire and I think we need to hold out for a better deal,” said Boffetti.

“We want to continue to fight to basically reveal what this company has done and what their executives have done,” said Boffetti, “to shut down that company, and make them pay what they owe to our communities.”

The tentative settlement will need approval from a federal judge before moving forward.