N.H. Election Officials Say State's Voting System Can Be Trusted

Nov 2, 2018

Attorney General Gordon MacDonald explains the role his office will play on Election Day.
Credit Dan Tuohy / NHPR

The election process has been in the limelight across the country. On Friday morning, New Hampshire's top election officials gathered to send a strong message that the state's voting systems can be trusted.

Attorney General Gordon MacDonald reiterated that despite some recent court rulings and changes this year to the voter registration process, the state is on track for a smooth election.

"New Hampshire has a long history of running elections that are fair, well-run, and a very high degree of voter participation,” MacDonald said.

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They said the voting and same day registration process will be the same on Tuesday as it was during September's primary.

"A lot of thought has gone in to making sure that we have both a fair and efficient election process," said Seth Aframe, Assistant U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire.

MacDonald added a team of about 70 attorneys and staff members from the AG's office will head to polling places across the state. They want to stop at every single polling place on Election Day.

If voters have complaints or issues to report, the Attorney General's office will have a hotline and attorneys on hand to handle questions or concerns.