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Nashua Revamps 24/7 Addiction Services

Nov 16, 2020

The Nashua Doorway is one of nine centers throughout the state funded by a federal grant to address opioid use disorder.
Credit Courtesy of Facebook/Southern New Hampshire Health

The city of Nashua is revamping 24/7 walk-in services for people seeking help with addiction.

Nashua has been without after-hour addiction services since its Safe Stations programs shut down in July.

Now, the Doorway of Greater Nashua, run by Southern New Hampshire Health, will work with Gatehouse Recovery Solutions to offer 24/7 addiction help at Gateway’s downtown office on 63 Temple Street.

Kristin Makara, Director of the Nashua Doorway, says the goal is to give people a place to come the minute they realize they want to get treatment, even if that’s after hours.

“It’s really important with substance use to grab people right when they’re having that thought or feeling,” she says.

People coming into Gatehouse Recovery Services may wait there until the Doorway opens in the morning, to continue screening and get referrals for recovery services, including peer recovery support, medication-assisted treatment, and housing.

Makara says there are more services then ever in Nashua to support residents with addiction, but during the pandemic, more people are relapsing and needing support.

People seeking help can also call the state's 2-1-1 hotline 24/7.