Manchester Common Core Vote Postponed

Sep 17, 2013

A key Manchester Board of School committee vote on how to implement federal Common Core standards has been delayed.  The state adopted the Common Core in 2010, which outlines what students should know before passing each grade.  

It’s up to communities to decide how they alter their education plans to meet Common Core standards.  Monday night Manchester’s Curriculum and Instruction Committee was set to hear a presentation about new curriculum guides, and then vote on them.  Committee Chair Sarah Ambrogi says the meeting was held up when a member of the public submitted more than 30 questions about the Common Core.  But she stops short of calling it a delaying tactic.

“I don’t want to accuse anybody of doing anything in particular," Ambrogi says.  "But I think there are folks in the public who are urging us strenuously not to implement aligning our curriculum to the standards.  And so yes.  I would say that there certainly are strategies that are being undertaken to delay implementation of curriculum alignment.”

Although Ambrogi says the answers had already been posted online a few hours before the meeting, committee member Arthur Beaudry said the public should have had more time to analyze them.  The vote is now scheduled for next Tuesday night.