Kuster Calls Conditions at Border Facilities 'Inhumane' | New Hampshire Public Radio

Kuster Calls Conditions at Border Facilities 'Inhumane'

Jul 16, 2019

Immigrants at the McAllen border patrol station and processing center in McAllen, TX.
Credit Annie Kuster

Congresswoman Annie Kuster describes conditions at border facilities in Texas as "inhumane."

Kuster visited the facilities in McAllen and Brownsville this past weekend with a congressional delegation.

She says she saw overcrowding, and the abnormally high volume of migrants that have been passing through the facility.

"The night before we were there, they had picked up 2,000 migrants. So the volume coming through the facilities at this point is extremely high. They told us it was the highest it had been since 1986,” Kuster said.

On a press call Monday, Kuster shared photos and videos of small rooms crowded with migrants, and unaccompanied children lined up to get sleeping bags, or reading books.

“This is the one smile that we saw, the young girl reading 'Goodnight Moon,'” Kuster said.

The congresswoman's visit came as Immigration and  Customs Enforcement has announced large-scale crackdowns on undocumented immigrants in 10 cities on Sunday, but immigration advocates have questioned whether or not the raids actually materialized.