House Takes Aim At Abortion Providers

Jan 18, 2012


The New Hampshire House has voted to bar any organization that performs elective abortions from receiving any state or federal funds.

The measure backed by GOP leaders means Planned Parenthood of Northern New England would no longer be eligible to enter into contracts with the state to provide non-abortion reproductive health services to the poor – a role the organization has played in NH for 40 years. Warren Groen of Rochester is the measure’s lead sponsor.

“Mr. Speaker, this is our opportunity to reclaim the sanctity of life in one small area -- public funding.”

The bill enjoyed the backing of House Speaker William O’Brien, who urged lawmakers to reject the advice of the House health and human services committee, which has recommended killed the bill. The final margin, 207-147, falls shy of what would be needed to override a veto by Governor Lynch. The measure now heads to the Senate.