Hanover Residents Will Soon Have Easy Options For Renewable Power, Officials Say

Apr 25, 2019

Credit Sustainable Hanover

The Town of Hanover is pushing forward with plans to connect residents with renewable electricity.

Town officials are working with Liberty Utilities and third party suppliers on logistics and pricing, Town Manager Julia Griffin told attendees at a public energy forum Wednesday night.

Hanover became the first community in the state two years ago to set ambitious energy goals through the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign.

Specifically, the town pledged to transition to 100 percent renewable sources for electricity by 2030, and for heat and transportation by 2050.

A handful of other New Hampshire communities have since made similar commitments.

It’s been a scramble, though, to hash out a realistic blueprint to achieve the goals, Griffin said. It took a full six months, for example, to establish a baseline measurement of how much electricity is consumed within town limits.

Still, Griffin is optimistic the town is on track. “We’re not shy about saying we’re committed to making it,” she said. “We know there are viable strategies that can get us to 100 percent green."

Plans to offer residential customers renewable power could come together within the next several months, she said.

Officials will then turn their focus to long-term contracts with renewable suppliers for larger electric users in town, like the school district and local manufacturers.