Five People You Probably Didn't Know Were Running For President In N.H.

Nov 20, 2015

Almost all the big names have walked through the halls of the New Hampshire Statehouse, strolled into the Secretary of State's Office, and plunked down the $1,000 needed to file for the New Hampshire presidential primary.

Brooks Cullison

  Only Republican Ben Carson is left to file, and he's set to take care of that on Friday, the last day to do so.

But it turns out 52 candidates - 27 Republicans and 25 Democrats - have actually filed and will appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot in February. Here's a sampling of some of those you didn't know were aspiring to be the next Commander in Chief: 

Brooks Cullison, Illinois: "Believe you can, and you're halfway there" is the Theodore Roosevelt quote that greets visitors to Cullison's campaign website.  A 60-year-old Republican attorney, Cullison offers his thoughts on a variety of issues on his site, but is clearly focused on the fight against "barbaric jihadists whose ideology is extracted from Islam."

  "It is an ideology which has proven too extreme, violent and barbaric for Muslims in the mainstream of the Islamic faith, as the witnesses of the nations of Jordan and Egypt have proven. This ideology, not the religion upon which it rationalizes its horrific conduct, is an evil ideology. It is an ideology which advocates death and destruction of Christians, Jews, as well as Muslims and it MUST BE STOPPED!" 

Cullison has some political experience: he served as mayor of Olney, Illinois from 1989 to 1993. The town has a population of 8,631.

Sam Sloan

Sam Sloan, New York: The 71-year-old is running as a Democrat, but says he actually supports Hillary Clinton for president.

"I believe that she will receive the nomination and she will be elected. So, why am I running against her?

The reason is Hillary is being pushed to the left by extreme left-wing opponents. I hope to push her back towards the middle. Also, she is not being supported by her own party leadership. One rarely or never hears any other leading Democrat speak in favor of Hillary, except for her own husband Bill. This is strange. It seems that they want her to fail."

Michael Steinberg

    Michael Steinberg, Florida: An attorney with 30 years of experience, Steinberg says on his website his goal in running as a Democrat for president is simply to win as many delegates as possible.

"With these delegates, and by virtue of substantial minority support, I will advocate for a platform which is consistent with the ideals supported by the majority members of the Democratic Party. I will attempt to get the other 2016 presidential candidates to talk about the Social Security disability and retirement programs, including the long-term solvency problems and the unfairly attacked disability claims process."

Chomi Prag

  Chomi Prag, Wisconsin: An attorney, author, and mother of two, Prag says she believes in protecting the U.S. Constitution, and proposes to add three amendments, including one that would protect parental rights.

"I'm not a multimillionaire or a career politician. I don't come from wealth, didn't marry into wealth and don't have wealthy connections. I don't belong to the 'good ol' boys' network and I'm not full of fluff, either. Instead, I've fought for the rights of the downtrodden underdog, using the law and HELP OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY who gives people chances. I fight corrupt practices and am not scared to stand up to large corrupt organizations/people who like to rip off the American public." 

She started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her run, but hasn't had much luck. She's only raised $10 of the $7 million she estimates she needs. 

Frank Lynch

Frank Lynch, Florida: The 71-year-old touts himself as the only candidate who actually worked in a factory at any time in their lives.

"None of the others know how to get their hands dirty, or how to make something, or how to create jobs," says the Republican.

He begins every day with 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.